How does a babysitting agency work?

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How does a babysitting agency work?

You are planning the holiday of your dreams and you would like to use the services of a babysitting agency. But you wonder: How a babysitting agency works? Are these agencies reliable? Do they check the references of the personnel they hire? Do they have the right babysitter to match my needs?

Is important that you have answers for all of these questions so that you can continue planning your holidays and trust the people who will take care of your kids. Let’s see the working process of a babysitting agency step by step:

1. Contact: When a customer asks for a service, a reservation is made. However, before confirming the availability of the service, the agency asks the family some personal information, such as the amount of children, their ages, their mother tongue and location.

2. Choosing the right babysitter: Having all this information at its disposal enables the agency to choose the most suitable candidate for the family among its staff. And it ensures that the sitter will always arrive at the required time.

3. Time to meet: The following step is the introduction of the sitter to the parents. This instance in which they break the ice is essential to establish the bond that is going to help both parts in what it is the most important thing. We are talking about taking care of your kids.

This is the moment in which the sitters make the first contact with the children. Therefore, the purpose of this magical moment is that the kids feel at ease with the carer they are going to have during a while or for the rest of their holiday.

Our sitters are totally skillful in starting a comforting dialogue with the youngest of the family to break down the affective barriers children may have. After everything has been left very clear, our sitters will spend the required hours with your children, swimming or playing your children’s favorite game, among other things.

4. Final instructions: The babysitter has a conversation with the parents to receive the instructions on what the kids can and cannot do. The limits are set by the parents. Apart from that, this is an opportunity to let the sitter know about the special needs the children might have or if particular care is needed. The sitters are also informed beforehand about what kind of permissions the kids have and about the likes and dislikes of the kids.

¿What is better, an agency or a single sitter?

A babysitting agency provides a reliable structure of personnel. The directives manage the business, the relation with clients and, most important, select and control the babysitters that work there. Parents have a safety net of people responsible for their children. Agencies like Sitters of the Caribbean have several sitters with different personalities ready to take care of every kind of children. They have wide experience working with kids, first aid certificates and are fluent speaking in English.


On the other hand, a babysitter working on her own might have a cheaper rate, but has no endorsement of her job, skills and training. When you are traveling on holiday or to another country and need help watching your kids, a babysitting agency will be your best choice for safety and comfort

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