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Awesome Massages in Tulum. Visiting Tulum has plenty of advantages for you, but one of the most popular is receiving a massage at the beach. Maybe you have children and it has been a while since you had a moment of relaxation. But don’t worry, the personnel of Sitters of the Caribbean can help you keep your kids entertained while you enjoy yourself.

Kinds of massages in Tulum

There are several kinds of soothing massages in the Riviera Maya and their benefits are so many that the more of them you have, the better you will feel, either physically and emotionally. Here are some of the options for you to choose from:

By the sea: We start by recommending the icing on the cake. This kind of service is our strongest suggesting so that you can enjoy the natural surrounding at the same time as expert hands go through your body.

If there is something for sure, is that you will feel as though you were in heaven. Just imagine the waves lapping on the shores in the twilight or in your favorite moment of the day. Shaded marquees can provide you with the shelter you need to protect your skin while receiving these caresses for your body and soul.

Spa: You can make an appointment at a health and beauty specialized centre to have a more complete experience. Imagine your kids having fun with a babysitter while your body is regenerated receiving treats for all your senses.

For couples: There is nothing more romantic than having this experience beside your partner. Tulum is a popular destination for marriages and renewal of vows. Release the stress of the ceremony and let your emotions flow by taking a couple massage with your spouse.

Deep tissue: Ideal to treat chronic problems, this technique goes beyond the surface layers of muscles, realigning the deeper ones. Its effects are therapeutic.

Aromatherapy: Of course this gift to the smelling sense could not be absent from the wide variety of choices in the field of wellbeing. The scents used by the therapists are meant to stimulate or to calm your senses, depending if you want a relaxing or a revitalizing kind of massage.


The benefits of a good massage are muscle relaxation, stress relief, improvement of blood circulation and reduction of blood pressure. They are also an excellent way to soothe anxiety and to relieve several kinds of pain.

Babysitters in Tulum

If you are traveling with kids, you may need help to get a little moment for having a massage and take care of your body. The best solution is to hire the services of a babysitter of Sitters of the Caribbean

Tulum is known for providing the best services for people in the search of wellbeing, as well as creating the conditions for parents to enjoy a moment for themselves or, even better, a moment as a couple.

Sitters of the Caribbean offers services of childcare during a day trip or activity or babysitting in site in your accommodation. We provide an awesome babysitting service in all Riviera Maya.


One of the benefits of a good massage is stress relief.

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