Michelle (Michu)Babysitter

    Birth date: 20-August-1990

    Biography and experience

    Michu was born in Caracas, Venezuela, to a big and very united family. She is the youngest of five children, thus, the most spoiled. Growing with a lot of people in the same house, made her a very tolerant and independent person. Her childhood was really fun, together with her siblings, their dog Panser (which was like another brother to them) and a lot of cousins.

    She has always been multi-faceted, but her real passion has always been social work, specially with children. She loves to get to know their culture and talk with them about the wonders that only children can think of.

    On 2011 she started teaching children of elementary school. At the same time, she studied Cinematographic Arts in Caracas. She loved guidelines and art direction, but she loved more getting to know other cultures and working with children, that´s why she decided to drop off school and go to Kenia, Africa. Here, she spent 4 months living in an orphanage in a Maasai community. She tought english, art and geography to children from 6 to 14 years old. This experience changed her world and she learned so much from it.

    When Michu returned from Africa (on march 2012), she went back to her birth city and decided to found an ONG called: I Have a Dream (inspired on Martin Luther King´s speech), where thru art and english workshops, they focused on providing values of life to children of rural and/or violent communities in Venezuela.

    She is really into cultures, travels, languages, yoga and jogging.

    She has been in Mexico since 2014, country to which she came with her husband and their dog. The first year and a half they lived in Mexico City, where she worked giving private lessons to small children and as a freelance babysitter. Michu also continued her social work teaching english to rural communities in the same city, thru the foundation ´´Techo´´.

    Tulum is a place were Michu and her husband had been before on vacation and when they had had enough of the big city, they decided to come and live over here, this, at the beginning of 2016. They love living in this paradise where everyone knows each other and where you can easily move around by bike. Currently, she is working as a babysitter with Sitters of the Caribbean (since November 2016) and also volunteering as an english and art teacher at a school in a town 20 minutes away from Tulum. She is also learning french and her dream is to become a teacher of the Montessori method, that she is so passionate about.


    • Integral career diploma in ´´Cinema and television´´, at the school of Cine y Televisión de Bellas Artes, Caracas.
    • First Aid certificate.
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