How to Teach your Children to Care for Nature

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How to Teach your Children to Care for Nature. Tulum has the nicest beaches in the Mayan Riviera. Some schools have included the care of nature as a primary activity in the education of children. The aim is that kids learn to reduce and recycle the waste through direct action on the environment. That the future generations can enjoy natural areas and coexist with the wildlife depend on that.

Collecting garbage on the beach is an interesting activity for all the family. Teach the kids to use waste containers and avoid using plastic bottles and straws, because they can harm the animals. Picking up trash together can become a funny game. Help the kids to classify the different objects in order to be recycled.

It is recommended to take reusable lunch bags and cutlery. You can also propose the children to drink water from public fountains instead of carrying plastic bottles. Do not suggest that children help to clean the beach in exchange for money or dads prizes.

Encourage your kids to join in a beach cleanup; you can find local groups that perform regular beach cleaning. Go with them to meetings and learn more about the importance of preserving the shoreline, tide pools and dune landscapes. Let them discover that the sea is home of fascinating creatures, and how they must be careful about them.

Babby sitting Riviera Maya how to teach your children to care for nature

The kids will enjoy learning about small marine animals, like shells and mollusc. Take a sea field guide to help them recognize what they find around. Don’t forget a camera to keep your experiences and memories.

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