How to Find the Best Sitter for Your Children

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Selecting a good babysitter for your children is a delicate task. The best hire is a sitter who fits the lifestyle and needs of your family. Do you need childcare just on weekends? Daily care for a baby? Or maybe just someone to watch an eight-year-old for a while? Who is the ideal sitter for these options? First of all, is a person who is responsible, empathetic and loving. She has to know how to treat a child and have a good mood. The process of choosing a sitter takes time. Be patient. 

Once you have shortlisted a few sitters, you must look at their resume, references, and studies, and then interview them. Before the interview, you should make a questionnaire: Ask if she has got a driver’s license, a CPR and First Aid Certification, if she knows how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, which games she would practice with the children, among other things. Arrange an appointment and keep a relaxed conversation. This way you will get to know her better and realize if she is really the person you are looking for. 

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, you will have to explain the rules of the house. Tell the sitter if you allow her to use the phone or have guests, at what time your child should go to bed, what snacks are available and any other rules you have. After she starts working, you should observe if these signs are present:

Your child is happy with the sitter and he speaks a lot of things that they do together. Good caregivers know that children are very curious and are always willing to teach them new things. They are also able to find creative solutions to problems. You will notice that your children learns new games and words every day.

She keeps you up-to-date of daily activities and aware of any problem. if so, you realize that she is taking her work seriously.

She is timely. When she is unable to take care of your children because of an emergency situation, she lets you know on time and helps you find another sitter.

She keeps your children clean. If she is truly concerned about the wellbeing of your kids, she will maintain their room in order. 

The staff of Sitters of the Caribbean is perfectly trained and prepared in all of this aspects. You will find our babysitters are reliable and caring. They will help you to take care of your children while you enjoy your staying in the Riviera Maya.

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