Fun Without Technology, Still an Option for Children

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Childcare should include games and fun. A few decades ago, the children used to meet friends and play at home or outdoors. They knew a lot of games and were able to invent new ones. This was a funny way to promote their skills and develop their creativity. At present days, iPads, consoles and tablets have become the new playmates of the so called tech generation. Although the use of these devices improves spatial intelligence and ability to multitask, they also reduces imagination and personal development. 

This may be the time to remember the good old days, when the kids ran around the trees instead of spending half day looking at screens. 

You still can share all those games of your childhood with your kids. Don’t you remember hide and seek? The only things you need to play this game are a wide space and imagination. A blindfolded player is facing the wall and has to count to ten or twenty. Then, he has to go looking for other participants. When he finds one of them, he must run back to the place where he counted and scream his name.

Spinning top is a toy that requires training and skill. Tops can be spun by clutching the axis tightly while pulling a string. The top has been used by ancient civilizations and even used for prophecies. People will admire the ones who are able to dance the top on their hand, or catch it with the string while turning on the floor.

Flying kites is a relaxing and funny game on windy days. Teach your children to get their kite into the sky and feel they are flying. You can also help them to make their own kite with rods; kite paper and thread. There are myriads of shapes and colors you can use for this glamorous light aircraft. Remember that kite competitions are organized in open places as fields and beaches. 

Puzzles require patience and time. This game challenges the children’s thinking and develops cognitive skills for the youngest. If you have enjoyed puzzles from early childhood, it is time to play again with your kids. It will be thoughtful for you, too. 

Let our babysitters entertain your children with this activities and more, during their stay in Tulum. Our sitters know dozens of funny games that your kids can play and enjoy outdoors or indoors

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