Five Amazing Cenotes Near Tulum

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Both children and adults can enjoy and relax while visiting the cenotes. These crystalline pools were sacred for the Mayans, who thought they were entrances to “Xibalba”, an underworld where gods and spirits dwelt.

If you want to swim, dive or practice snorkel is better to leave your children to the care of a babysitter. Sitters of the Caribbean can provide childcare whether in your hotel room or on the go during your tour.

The most beautiful cenotes in Tulum are the following:

  1. Casa Cenote. it’s located in Tankah Bay, at the north of Tulum. It is also named Cenote Manatí, because this animal used to live in its waters. It flows into the sea and connects with Nohoch Na Chich, the world’s largest underground cave.
  1. Cenote El Jardín del Edén. This open air cenote is located at the south of Playa del Carmen. It is a quiet place surrounded by gardens and smooth moss, ideal to rest and snorkel.
  1. Cenotes near the ruins of Cobá. Choo-Ha, Tancach-Ha-Ha and Multun are three beautiful cenotes with stalactites and stalagmites filling the caves. They are considered a unique geological ecosystem.
  1. Cenote Cristal and Cenote Escondido. Cenote Cristal is populated by its exotic fauna. There are two-step decks to go into the water. Cenote Escondido is hidden into the jungle vegetation. It has 7 to 9 meters high rocks to jump into the water.
  1. Cenote Zací. Zací in Mayan means “white hawk”. This cenote is located in the center of Valladolid, an ancient Mexican town. In the past it was part of the pre-Hispanic settlement. Currently it is a protected area.

And a bonus tip for tourists: visit Xcacel, a virgin and ecological beach that has its own small cenote. The environment is beautiful and surrounded by the jungle.

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