Casa Malca an Artistic Corner in Tulum

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Casa Malca an Artistic Corner in Tulum

From the first centuries, Tulum was a very eclectic port city, well known for its energetic vibes honored by the Mayan culture. Since then, generations of travelers and their hunger for spiritual connection and curiosity have been captivated by this land.

Here, you can enjoy a relaxing sunbath while you swim in the beautiful crystal waters or maybe take a walk across the white sand seashore. A

great place to stay while you visit Tulum is Casa Malca, a place full of style, design and contemporary art.

Prepare yourself to live the experience

Casa Malca house has been restored and redecorated by his owner with his personal collection of contemporary art. The property was carefully extended to preserve the magical sensation of wonderful outdoors and lodging. No matter in which traveling style you are, family vacation, romantic escape or friends trip, Casa Malca is a perfect mix of art, luxury and privacy for every need.

Prepare yourself to live a whole new world of multisensory experiences with an artistic touch under the sun, chilling in their amazing terrace where you can watch a sunset like in no other place in Tulum and later you can enjoy a romantic sky full of stars.

Discovered in 2003 and abandoned for almost a decade, Casa Malca has been preserved in time, catching all the essence and charm of Tulum. Recently renovated by the owner, he refreshed all the facilities, maintaining the eco-friendly construction of the house while making a very interesting contrast with a beautiful contemporary art selection.

A mystic space to discover

A large villa in front of the sea built on the sand, surrounded by lush jungle vegetation and with spacious and comfortable rooms, Casa Malca is a different hotel. Luxurious but still true to its essential rustic style, this house is complemented by the sound and breeze of the waves through the windows.

The kitchen of the house is a delicious mix of fresh and tasty ingredients of local production, focused on the contemporary fusion cuisine and inspired by the artistic atmosphere. It is food with high quality standards based on the love to cook with passion.

Be delighted by the awesome private terrace view or take a walk in the amazing gardens. Don’t forget the great opportunity to reserve all the place for a more intimate experience.

Casa Malca has been defined by his owner like “a home for thinkers and dreamers who believe in the liberating powers of creativity and self discovery”, so If you want to connect with your creative side, this is without a doubt the place to stay. To enter here, the only rule is to kiss the sea at least once everyday and let all your senses free to experience the natural connection through art and sensibility so you can live the best of Tulum.

What are you waiting for? Take your luggage and start this amazing trip. And If you want to have an intimate moment with your partner, feel confident to leave your kids with the caring and certified personnel of Sitters of Caribbean. We provide an awesome babysitting services in all Riviera Maya.

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